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Our Crew

a statue in front of a body of water


Founder – Captain – Lead Safety Diver

Kayleigh “Kay” grew up outside of Philadelphia with a deep love and longing for the ocean and curiosity of its inhabitants. Kay has a Bachelor of Science in Ecotourism & completed the Marine Option Program at the University of Hawaii, as well as a shark specialty course with Queensland University and Cornell University.

She’s been living in Hawaii for 12 years and was able to further her love of the ocean and learn invaluable information about safety and sharks from the amazing team at One Ocean Diving from 2015-2020. Kay has guided ocean goers of all walks of lifeat home in Hawai’i, as well as around the globe with her Kaimana Expeditions.

Kay is passionate about connecting people to the ocean in a deeper way and inspiring others to change their daily habits to better benefit the natural world. Onboard Kay will teach you how to properly interact with animals, safely interact with sharks, the importance of cutting out single-use plastics, which sunscreens are safe for the reef, and more!

Instagram: @mermaid.kayleigh

TikTok: @mermaid.kayleigh


Founder – Lead Captain – Photographer

Cam Grant is a USCG Captain and underwater photographer residing on the Hawaiian Islands utilizing his passion and creative perspective to inspire positive action on behalf of our ocean and its inhabitants. Born and raised in the state of Colorado, Cam has always been submerged in nature. His connection to the ocean was born surfing the shorelines of California and slowly led him further west to the most remote island chain in the world. His love for photography became a tool to change perspective and highlight the beauty that lies beneath the surface. Working on the West Side of Oahu with various pelagic species has allowed him to share experience and knowledge with people from all corners of the world. His love for the ocean continues to grow. Having traveled over 20 countries and countless oceans, Cam has built an understanding of the current state of our ocean ecosystems throughout the globe. Strengthening the connection between people and nature has become his ultimate goal. By sharing visually stimulating imagery from numerous marine interactions, he hopes to leave every person with a deep sense of appreciation for the natural world.

Instagram: @camgrantphotography

a man standing next to a body of water
a person standing next to a body of water


Safety Diver – Captain – Photographer

Elizabeth better known by her middle name “Morri” was born in Los Angeles. An experienced safety diver and underwater photographer. Morri became a certified Scuba diver at 12 years old, and her love of the ocean did not stop there, she spent every summer diving and volunteering for different marine programs. Since moving to Hawaii she has been working with and photographing animals in the water for over 8 years. Starting on the West Side of Oahu, and now on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii. Her knowledge and love for the ocean shines through in her photos.

Instagram: @elizabethsides


Safety Diver – Photographer

Olivia is from Bozeman, Montana, where she grew up skiing, loving the mountains and snow. After growing up snorkeling on vacations and loving the ocean from a young age, she dreamed of becoming a marine biologist. After briefly living on Oahu, Olivia moved to Hawaii Island to pursue her Marine Science Degree at the University of Hawaii at Hilo to study cartilaginous fish and graduated in 2023. She has been active in shark conservation topics since 2018, where she educates people about the true nature of sharks and their importance as well as the problems they face. Olivia loves sharing the underwater world with people by taking them into it and using underwater photography as a tool to show people the beauty below the surface. She has worked and dove with sharks around the world as well as being a PADI divemaster and deep freediver. Olivia works onboard Kaimana as a safety diver and photographer.

Instagram: @livfortheocean
TikTok: @livfortheocean

Olivia sitting on a rock in the water
a man sitting next to a body of water


Safety Diver – Photographer
Devoni is extremely passionate about the ocean and all its wonders. Spear fishing, free diving, and surfing are just a few of the activities that he takes part in. The ocean truly captured his heart, especially after becoming a certified PADI scuba diver. Originally from North Carolina, Devoni made the life-changing decision to relocate his family to Hawaii in 2020. He fell in love instantly with the island’s beauty and has been enchanted by its inviting waters ever since.

His three groms, like himself, have developed a deep love for the ocean and he takes great pleasure in imparting his knowledge about marine life to them. He’s also a Marine veteran and is certified in CPR. Devoni works onboard Kaimana Ocean Safari as a safety diver and underwater photographer.



Safety Doggo — Wildlife Spotting – Support

Mako is an Australian Shepherd/Border Collie born and raised here on the Hawaiian Islands. She found her love for the ocean very quickly due to Cam & Kay’s passion and work on the water. Mako’s first experience with the outside world was on a boat departing Haleiwa Harbor on the North Shore of Oahu. She is a certified service animal who is quite proud of her sea legs and she is always more than willing to lend a paw to those who are slightly nervous of the open ocean whenever she makes an appearance on the boat. We couldn’t ask for a better first mate aboard Kaimana Ocean Safari.

a dog sitting on a beach
a woman sitting on a rock next to a body of water


Captain – Safety Diver – Conservation Project Manager

Kimberly grew up on the Texas Coast where her love for the ocean started. After spending her younger years traveling for open water swimming competitions, she went to school in South Texas to obtain her bachelor’s degree of science in marine biology, and soon after on to James Cook University on the Great Barrier Reef of Australia for her master’s in marine biology. Travel and marine science brought her around the globe working on various shark conservation projects between studies – in Honduras (where she also became a PADI open water scuba instructor) and the Philippines, namely. Love with an Italian underwater photographer and fellow professional diver found her finding a home for some time, though, down in New Zealand where she worked with one of the top orca researchers in the world, studying marine mammals and responding to stranding and entanglement events as well. She was also working for a dive company with her husband, as she loves to share her passion for the underwater world with others. After nearly half a decade, she and her husband finally moved here to the Big Island of Hawaii where she soon gave birth to her son and made a home here. Kimberly’s passion for marine science and conservation, along with being in the process of obtaining her USCG captain’s license, linked her up with Kaimana Ocean Safari who she is now working with, as Marine Conservation Efforts Liaison, and grateful to be a part of.

Instagram: @kimbaswimba