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Quick Details

Person Minimum Height Requirement: 4 Feet
Private Charter Up to 6 People • Minimum Height Requirement For All Guests: 4 Feet

Ocean Safari off the Kona Coastline

The adventure begins the moment you set foot on our vessel! Our tours are set up safari-style which means from the start of the tour we are going to be scanning the gorgeous and dramatic coastline of Kona for any type of wildlife to observe and interact with. With the rapid and deep drop off of the sea floor along the coast, we have the potential to swim with shallow water animals as well as pelagic (deep, open ocean) marine life.

This tour’s focus is to find & observe wildlife and snorkeling is included. While nature is unpredictable and we cannot guarantee any specific interactions or observations, we have the potential to see sea turtles, various fish species, dolphin and whale species, sharks, and manta rays.

We’ll have four hours on the water to provide you with the best experience imaginable. We offer morning and afternoon charters but recommend booking the earliest tours first, if possible, for best weather conditions.

You can opt to purchase individual spots on the boat (up to 6 spaces available max) or if you prefer the luxury and privacy of your own custom guided tour, you can book a private charter. We need a minimum of (4) guests to run the tour.

Being on a small vessel allows for a more personal experience with our crew and more time in the water than the typical “tourist trap” large vessel. This tour does include snorkeling but the exact amount of time varies day to day due to weather conditions, wildlife sightings, & the general flow of each day as a safari is very dynamic. Please see our crew page to learn more about our professional and highly qualified team! Scroll down to see what to bring.


Professional photo package: We offer a professional underwater photo package to capture your adventure of 25-50 photos taken on a DSLR camera in an underwater housing to be post processed & edited by our highly qualified photographers! This is at an extremely affordable rate of $100 per group! You will also receive the GoPro footage of the tour included in that taken on our GoPro hero 12! Adding on this package allows you to stay in the moment and let the photographers worry about capturing your experience! To purchase, just select this option at checkout. You can also add this on while on your tour. Please note that photos take up to a week to process & will be sent via email.

GoPro package: Allow our safety divers to capture your day via the GoPro hero 12 for only $25 extra per group! All footage taken will be video footage on the newest GoPro on the market. To purchase, just select this option at checkout. You can also add this on while on your tour. Please note the footage will be sent via email within 24-48 hours of your tour.


Please be prepared to stay safe while in the sun or to be comfortable if it gets chilly. Hawai’i weather can change suddenly and your comfort is of the upmost importance to us.

We suggest to bring:

  • a towel
  • rash guard (optional)
  • reef safe sunscreen (active ingredients zinc oxide or titanium dioxide only! See a great option here:
  • secure hat
  • reusable water bottles
  • sunglasses
  • wind breaker or jacket (optional)
  • your own snorkel gear if you prefer, however, we will provide if you do not have any
  • sea sickness medication (Take in advance before the tour! See a great non-drowsy option here:
  • cameras (optional to bring your own or inquire about our professional photography options)


You should know how to swim and be able to climb a vertical ladder, must be over 4 ft tall, must be under 250 lbs, MUST NOT have any neck or back injuries, MUST NOT have any pre-existing heart issues, MUST NOT have had any major surgery in the past 6 months, & know there is inherent risk when being on a boat & snorkeling.