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We have all seen the devastating effects single-use plastic and other throw-away products have had on our environment. Sadly, there is no “away” and these convenience items find their way even to the most remote of places around the globe, including into our oceans and on our beaches. While picking trash out of the ocean in our daily practice on tours, Kaimana Ocean Safari is thrilled to host beach clean-up events about 3-4 times each year on Big Island. Please follow along on our Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok pages for updates and information. If you come across a beach or reef that could use some help, please let us know and we’ll do our best to schedule a clean-up event there. Hosting your own clean-up event? We want to support! Email us information about your event at and we are happy to support in whatever ways we are able.

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Overfishing is one of the largest issues the ocean is facing today. Sadly, many animals that are non-targeted species like sharks, whales, and dolphins, get caught in the crossfire of commercial fishing or in adrift fishing debris. These interactions can leave these animals entangled in fishing lines, nets, buoys, and other gear. The Kaimana staff is always prepared with a dive knife to cut the fishing line off of sharks when possible. When marine mammals are entangled, we are happy to lend our time and vessel at no charge to WhaleRN: West Hawaii Aquatic Large Entanglement Response Network.